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We needed to excite a youth audience about the sponsorship as well as current Salford City fans and the wider Vimto audience. Targeting a youth audience is more challenging, so it was essential we did our research to understand where this audience lives online and the content that appeals to them the most.

The insight was the project needed one thing: exciting, shareable, ambassador-led content, so we developed two content streams, a Trick Shot Challenge Event and the Academy Skills School.

Trick Shot Challenge: a social UGC competition inviting 11 – 18 year olds to show us their best trick shots, for the chance to win an evening with the stars from the Class of 92, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes. The competition was launched by Phil Neville and we secured a media partnership with Goal magazine to cover the event, as well as created a brand video to showcase highlights from the event.

Academy Skills School: In the style of Soccer AM’s ‘Skillz School’ we got A92 players to face off against each other to show who had the best skills.

Content was supported with story and image distribution to regional, sports, business, broadcast and online titles.


  • Peak audience engaged with legacy video content – 18-24 males

  • Average watch time of the brand video was 14 seconds, more than double the industry average

  • 50% audience retention rate of the brand video vs an industry average retention rate of 15%

  • Double the average reach of previous Vimto content and posts (63k vs 25k)

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