Vimto: I See Vimto in You

How do you market a soft drink in a crowded space, to young teens, that don’t want to listen?

In early 2018, Tangerine was tasked with developing a PR and social media response to this question, to support Vimto’s wider multi-media campaign, ‘I SEE VIMTO IN YOU’.

The objective was to raise awareness of Vimto and reposition the brand among Gen Z audiences in the South of the UK.

With an in-depth understanding of the audience, we challenged the more traditional PR element of the brief and suggested Vimto focus its investment solely on Instagram, in order to meet its objectives.

Our plan was to re-launch its dormant Instagram channel it in a way that brought the ATL to life and intrigued Gen Zs – evoking an emotional response to the brand. We did this using striking creative, carefully selected micro-influencers and cleverly targeted Instagram ads.

In just three months we handed Vimto a channel to be proud of. And smashed all our KPIs in the process.


  • 1.7 Million reach

  • 97,000 Gen Z engagements with the brand


  • 71% Gen Z followers, with majority based in South of UK

  • More than half of the 557,000 video views watched were for 10+ seconds

  • 80% of engagement was driven by organic content (not paid)

  • Secured a 4% engagement rate (industry standard 3-4%)

  • Outperformed leading competitors on social by 334%, giving it the second biggest share of voice whenever it engaged with influencers

  • Increase in sales during campaign period

  • Winner of The Drum’s ‘Social Buzz Award’s: Best Use of Instagram’

  • Winner of The Drums Marketing Awards Best B2C Integrated Campaign

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