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Tangerine, Giant’s Basin,
Potato Wharf, Castlefield,
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Topcon is a global manufacturer of geopositioning and construction technology.

We started our partnership with Topcon by developing a consistent way of communicating the brand in the UK & Ireland. Through exploring the brand’s audiences, current positioning and the wider market context, we worked with Topcon to agree a strong and ambitious brand proposition and footprint.

This proposition and footprint was then central to our development of a communications strategy, which has built and elevated the brand.

One of our key ongoing challenges is developing Topcon’s position as a thought leader in the industry, to demonstrate the brand as contributing to the industry conversations which their customers care about. In order to achieve this, we create multi-channel thought leadership content on key industry topics, such as the skills gap and instrument theft.

Another key objective is to raise awareness that Topcon’s technology can be used on full project workflows. As a manufacturer of highly specialised construction technology, communication needs to bring to life what this technology can deliver for customers in simple terms. We do this through a range of case studies, social Q and As and technical features which explain the difference the technology can make to projects in a relatable and straightforward way for customers.

The team at Tangerine have played a crucial role in the growth and development of Topcon’s business in the UK over recent years. They have worked closely with the Topcon team, our distribution partners and our customers to gain a real understanding and knowledge of the business and the markets that we work in. This has meant they have delivered a creative and well-structured communications platform for Topcon and supported us as we’ve worked to increase awareness of the brand and our market share.

The individuals within the team at Tangerine are a pleasure to work with, they are attentive, knowledgeable, approachable, creative and perhaps most importantly when working with Topcon – flexible! We enjoy working with them and they add real value and results, I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them long into the future.


  • Secured thought leadership coverage in industry leading Construction and Geo titles, such as Building, Construction News and AEC.

  • Grew a relevant and engaged community on social channels with highly targeted content, community management and social advertising - increasing the combined following by 3.5k

  • Elevated Topcon technology by securing shortlist positions on key industry awards for the first time, including Construction News, Ground Engineering and Building Awards

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