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The Range

Thinking seasonal with The Range

The Problem

You can get anything for any season at The Range. From wedding décor to genuinely frightening Halloween costumes, there’s something for every occasion.


However, your average consumer just doesn’t realise this. Our job was to make a wider target audience know about The Range’s seasonal offering and drive people into store to see for themselves.


Because once you know about The Range, it’ll become your go-to for all occasions.

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Our Response

Seasonal products means seasonal content.


We started with social listening to monitor the kinds of conversations consumers were having around key occasions, such as Christmas, Halloween, festivals and wedding season. As The Range’s product offering is so vast, it was easy to pinpoint products which fit with these trends – for example a glittery unicorn Halloween look at the height of unicorn fever, using their Unicorn Horn costume and Snazzaroo face paints.


Content gathering days were key to this success. We visited garden centres, kitted out customers’ back gardens with Ibiza vibes garden furniture, threw Halloween and Bonfire parties for competition winners (filming as we went, of course) and even attended the company’s Christmas advert shoot to gather social-friendly, snackable behind the scenes content of the key products.


These were combined with timelapse style videos of the stores, where we shot from a POV perspective and gathered key items to emulate the shopping experience for those who’d never set foot in The Range.


This was also localised with bespoke content per region and geo-targeted, driving and monitoring footfall to key stores. All content was monitored using our test and learn strategy, tweaking and personalising based on audience response.

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  • Total reach 28M (over one-year period)

  • Total engagements (589K (over one-year period)

  • Follower growth, 200K Instagram, 40% Facebook, 50% twitter

  • Geo-targeted campaign results in ROI of 13:1