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Pizza Hut Restaurants

Gaming success with SDMN x PHR

The problem


It’s no secret that the “millennial” audience is a broad one, containing individuals with completely different experiences and viewpoints. 


So, when it came to making them reconsider Pizza Hut Restaurants as a dining option, we needed to be more specific and targeted with its Taste Freedom campaign. We focused our attention on 16 to 19 year olds and asked them one simple question “What does freedom mean to you in your day-to-day life?”

Our response

Our insight showed us that the one thing that united 16-19 year olds was their love of gaming and their online world giving them that feeling of “freedom”.


We brought this to life by partnering with YouTube influencers, The Sidemen, for a cross-channel campaign. 


The crux of this was Pizza Hut Restaurants’ headline sponsorship of gaming event, Upload, giving the brand presence throughout, including on the main stage. This gave us access to the wildly popular Sidemen themselves, which we leveraged with an in-Hut meet and greet and gaming event with some lucky fans.


On the day there were also a range of experiential activations to engage fans with the brand, all underpinned with a robust social media strategy that maximised all interaction with the Sidemen and their millions of followers.


Tapping into the combined reach of the Sidemen, this activity had a reach of more than 51 million, positioning Pizza Hut Restaurants as a brand worth reconsidering. 


Social media video from the event and beyond gained more than 18 million views, including a live stream from the event which had the brand’s logo front and centre. 


Our campaign landing page saw more than 50k visits and, as a result, there was a sales uplift in Huts after the event.