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Pizza Hut Restaurants

For Pizza Hut Restaurants, 2016 spelled social media fame. Content from a series of activations and interruptions reached in excess of 350 million people, including one well-timed tweet which reached 64 million people alone, gaining coverage in 140+ titles worldwide.

In 2017 we evolved the ‘Taste Freedom’ strategy to focus on fewer, better, bolder campaigns, underpinned by a vigorous day-to-day content strategy.

We aligned Pizza Hut Restaurants with brands which resonated with a broad millennial audience on a lifestyle level and screamed ‘freedom.

Pizza Hut Restaurants became the first casual dining sponsor of popular gaming event, Upload, raising the its profile amongst 15-18-year-old and giving us access to the wildly popular Sidemen.

For the older segment of our audience, we launched a summer-long campaign with Ibiza Rocks that included an experiential, on-location ‘Hangover Hut’, Spotify playlists compiled by Ibiza Rocks DJs, live interactive games and legacy content.

A day-to-day content strategy, refined over three years of working with Pizza Hut Restaurants, complimented campaigns activity and comprised:

• A robust dark ads strategy across Instagram and Facebook
• Regular rich video content capitalising on pop culture trends as well as NPD
• Brave ‘always on’ community management
• Nimble reactive content



  • 4.9m views of video content that included #TasteFreedom messaging

  • Campaigns alone reached 62.6m and attracted 470,000 rich engagements

  • 114,000 hits to dedicated campaign landing pages

  • MTV UK attended Ibiza Rocks Hotel event with Pizza Hut Restaurants to cover the activity

  • Day-to-day video content was organically and regularly picked up by titles including Ladbible and Pretty52

  • Increased key social channel, Instagram, by 300%

  • Upload triggered a significant uplift in additional sales in the days following the event

  • Activity contributed to an overall increase in sales