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Pizza Hut Restaurants

Rocking Ibiza with Pizza Hut Restaurants

The problem


By 2017, Pizza Hut Restaurants’ Taste Freedom campaign was in full swing, but there was still work to be done with the younger audiences. Millennials are notoriously difficult to engage and in the casual dining sector, it was harder than ever. To shine, PHR had to shake things up.

Our response

Bringing the feeling of taste freedom to millennials. The iconic partnership married two of our target audiences favourite brands to create the ultimate post-party experience. The #HangoverHut included an experiential recovery experience, subtly placed in the eyeline of those who attended Craig David’s opening pool party. The experiential pop-up included collaborative playlists with hero Ibiza Rocks DJs and Spotify, rave makeovers from The Gypsy Shrine, and live interactive games to drive engagement across social during the event. Followed by a wrap-up video, showcasing our true hangover heroes getting a slice of the action.

Our #HangoverHut made waves, and once word got out about the great reception from our audience, the MTV crew just couldn’t miss out on the action! The same day their team hopped on a plane and flew out to cover the #HangoverHut for themselves.


Not only did we align Pizza Hut Restaurants with key millennial brands including Ibiza Rocks, Craig David, Spotify and The Gyspy Shrine, but the impact of our #HangoverHut video content was covered across MTV’s SnapChat and Facebook, secured over 100k views. On top of this, our own content generated 639k campaign video views and over 150,000 engagements throughout the campaign, driving over 70k hits to the campaign landing page. In total, the campaign secured a combined reach of over 10 million, successfully pushing the Taste Freedom messaging out to a variety of new target audiences.