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Pizza Hut Restaurants

Rocking Ibiza with Pizza Hut Restaurants

The problem


We took Pizza Hut Restaurant’s Taste Freedom campaign to the next level by launching a summer long partnership with Ibiza Rocks.

The response

Activity brought to life the freedom feeling for millennials. It included an experiential on-location #HangoverHut, the day after Craig David’s opening pool party, Spotify playlists compiled and promoted via Ibiza Rock’s DJs, live, interactive games across key social media platforms and ongoing legacy content.

Pizza Hut Restaurant’s activity was bang on for the audience, so much so, that MTV flew out with the team to cover the #HangoverHut for its own channels.


We aligned Pizza Hut Restaurants with key millennial brands and influencers including Ibiza Rocks, Craig David, Gyspy Shrine and MTV.


As a result, the MTV #HangoverHut video content on SnapChat and facebook secured over 100k views. With our own content generating 639k campaign video views and over 150,000 engagements throughout the campaign, driving over 70k hits to the campaign landing page.


The activity had a broad impact, securing a combined reach of over 10million and pushing the Taste

Freedom messaging out to a variety of new parallel target audiences.

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