Flagging the latest trade trends with Jewson

The problem

Builders are busy people. They know their stuff, they take pride in what they do and they certainly don’t want to be taught how to suck eggs by a faceless brand.


When it came to its 2019 landscaping campaign, then, builders’ merchant Jewson needed to create content that was truly informative while remaining authentic. Run-of-the-mill how-to content wouldn’t cut it, it had to be something that trades hadn’t seen before.

Our response

When creating how-to content, brands often automatically revert to using one of its own experts or, at a push, an industry influencer.


We took a different approach. Collaborating with Jewson branches, we went on the hunt for ordinary trades who really knew their stuff and had that “star quality” - even if they’d never been on camera before. 


Our star was Sean Fitzgibbon of Landscaping North West. He was working with porcelain paving - a new product which many landscapers were reticent to work with, as it’s prone to cracking.


On-site, we worked unobtrusively alongside him to capture his process and interviewed him and his customer about installing the product perfectly, as well as gathering customer service tips for other trades. The result was a suite of truly useful content from an authentic source.

The videos fed into blog content on landscaping trends and installation ideas, meaning our day on site worked as hard as possible for the client.


The content was shared across Jewson social channels, those of Prestige Landscaping and product supplier Talasey to maximise its reach.


By combining practical site advice with trade tips, the video series was watched nearly 100k times, with trades watching for more than 52k minutes - absorbing key brand and product messages. 


The content garnered 463 rich engagements, generating genuinely useful conversations. For example, the “Tips for starting out in a trade” piece saw lots of apprentices tagged in the comments, encouraging them to watch and learn. 


Using a real tradesperson, instead of an influencer or Jewson representative, showed that Jewson is a brand that values its customers and their expertise.

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