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Ideal Standard UK

Ideal Standard is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of private and public bathrooms solutions, and has been for more than 100 years. The company also owns Armitage Shanks, one of the UK’s most established commercial washroom brands. Ideal Standard’s largest British facility in Armitage, Staffordshire, manufacturers thousands of ceramic products every year, using the latest production techniques combined with expert handcraftsmanship.

Ideal Standard wanted to build advocacy with its network of plumbers and installers, as these professionals will often have an influence over products going into properties. To generate greater levels of awareness and understanding of the Ideal Standard brand, Tangerine created the company’s first Installer Insight Day, held in partnership with industry influencer, James Lawrence, AKA ‘PlumberParts’. The key objectives were to boost brand advocacy among plumbers and increase the brand’s social media reach via influencer engagement.


As part of the day, five influential plumbers were identified by Tangerine, based on their social media presence and invited to attend the event which included:

  • A guided tour around the Armitage factory, complete with the opportunity to hand skim a toilet

  • Hands-on experience of new products from the brand’s latest brassware range

  • A chance to play Ideal Standard’s ‘Big Turn On’ competition, an interactive game where contestants turn taps on and off as many times as possible in a minute

  • An industry roundtable discussing key issues for them as professionals


  • A two-minute video created by Plumberparts posted across his social channels to 100K+ followers. (10,000+ views to date)

  • 40+ positive social media posts generated from attendees following the event

  • Write ups of the day placed in a key trade title

  • 240K impressions for the #InstallerInsight hashtag

  • 330 direct engagements for Ideal Standard on Twitter

  • Dozens of requests for more information about future Installer Insight days from the wider industry