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Influencing the modern plumber with Hep2O

The Problem

Plumbers find a product they like and stick to it.


As such, getting them to try a new or unfamiliar product can be an uphill struggle. They look to trusted peers first for advice and recommendations, over brands, trade publications and manufacturers.


Hep2O, a push-fit plastic plumbing brand in a world of copper piping enthusiasts, therefore had an education piece to do, to increase awareness of the product and get it into plumbers’ hands.

Our Response

In short, we had to get into plumbers’ heads, to investigate what really matters to them and gain a deep understanding of where they go for professional support and information.


Insights found that when they really need work-related advice and inspiration, their first port of call is often trusted and authentic peers with proven online kudos.


That meant to really change perceptions and behaviour, we had to associate Hep2O with these industry figures - a strategic influencer engagement campaign.


First, we identified influencers who had real sway with our customers and offered them the “no expectations” opportunity to test the product for themselves.


Those who were receptive were rewarded with access to events, experiences and insights to share on their channels, giving them greater social bragging rights. This included a behind-the-scenes influencer day at Hep2O HQ, where they enjoyed bowling and beers as well as a tour of the factory.


Back at home, audiences were kept in the loop by social content and an industry first Facebook Live Q&A, as well as UGC from the influencers.


When Hep2O launched its yearly State of the Nation survey, which gathers plumbers’ views on the trade, we used influencers to promote this. We invited them to the Water Poet pub in Shoreditch to chat about the biggest issues facing the sector over a pint.


This was turned into a video, launched at the Installer Live event, which encouraged plumbers to complete the survey and give us their views.

HEP_InfluencerActivity_V2_image 2.jpg
  • Hits to the Hep2O landing page have doubled since the beginning of the campaign

  • Spontaneous awareness of Hep2O has risen from 68% to 74% during this period

  • Over 50 positive influencer posts / reviews featuring Hep2O, with a combined potential reach of over 1 million

  • Influencer visit day content gained 27k Facebook live video views, 1,370 engagements and 31k impressions

  • Influencer UGC gained a further 37k reach and 7.2k rich content views on the Hep2O HQ visit day

  • State of the Nation content reached over 150,000 and generated 2740 engagements

  • Installer Live event video received over 34,000 views

HEP_InfluencerActivity_V2_image 1.jpg