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Launching a beer for the trade

The Problem

Because plumbers tend to work in isolation, they lean on their peers for work-based advice and support – often through the power of forums and social media.


That meant push-fit plumbing brand, Hep2O, needed to build a more emotional connection to differentiate itself from its competitors, get plumbers to reconsider the brand and make it more relevant.


We were tasked with building a deeper, more emotionally-driven relationship with them on the channels they use day-to-day.

Our Response

We launched Hop2O, an exclusive beer for the trade – because we knew that we needed a highly creative element that fitted with their lives to gain cut-through.


Hop2O, brewed in conjunction with Tiny Rebel, had a distinct brand identity that played on recognised tropes of the craft beer world, while subtly highlighting key Hep2O brand messages.


Launching the beer as a brand in its own right, through a dedicated Instagram page with striking visuals, created conversation – which we could then capitalise upon for the “big reveal.”


The influencer relationships we established throughout our work with Hep2O paid dividends here, as they helped us build excitement and create relevance. They posted about the beer on their Instagram Stories and spread the word that there was a new beer in town, brewed for the trade.


We also worked with them to record vox-pop testimonials and independent reviews which were posted on the Hop2O feed, as well as imagery and reviews for their own channels.


And plumbers love a hoodie, so we just had to launch exclusive Hop2O merchandise showcasing the distinctive branding.


The big reveal of Hep2O’s ownership of Hop2O took place at Installer 2019, a key industry event. The beer was handed out to attendees throughout the event and all of Hep2O’s activity there was filmed and promoted on the brand’s Facebook channel (as well as on the PlumbChat Facebook Closed Group).

HEP_Hop2O_image 1.jpg
  • Instagram following went from 0 to 100 in four days

  • Over 500 SotN survey entries, almost twice the number who took part in SotN 2018.

  • Hop2O ads reached over 22,000 and generated 396 clicks to the Hop2O survey. Cost per click at £0.25 (way below industry avg of £0.50)

  • Installer Live event video received over 34,000 views

  • Google searches for Hep2O increased between April - May by 105%

  • Hits to Hep2O landing page doubled since beginning the campaign and spontaneous awareness has risen from 68% to 74% during this period