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Garmin UK

Garmin’s objective was to reach a key growth audience – younger drivers who are learning or have just passed.

When the UK driving test legislation changed to include following a sat nav in the test in 2017, we needed to mark the occasion with something bold, brave and (importantly) funny.

As this demographic is notoriously difficult to influence, we teamed up with popular content aggregator, JOE.co.uk – their audience base matched our target audience exactly.

Together we set off on a very unusual driving test, starring the sharp wit of comedian and brand partner, Joe Wilkinson.

Joe’s script featured him giving his scantily-clad “half brother” (Fabio) a very weird driving test indeed, starring mermaids and tubs of yellow paint. And a Garmin sat nav, naturally.

A targeted ad campaign using assets from the video, including a Facebook Canvas, supported the content – to drive sales amongst learner and new drivers.


  • 3.8million video views across all parties’ social channels

  • Overwhelmingly positive sentiment across all social channels of all parties

  • Over 300,000 impressions with the Facebook canvas with a 2.7% CTR (over three times the industry average)

  • 46,000 click throughs to site from all assets

  • Led to a significant sales spike for Garmin automotive