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Reclaiming former glory with Futurebuild

The Problem

Somewhere along the line, built environment event Ecobuild had fundamentally lost its way.


Under UBM ownership, many argued it had become too corporate. But with a buy-out taking it independent, there was a huge opportunity to reclaim the event and make it unmissable once again.


The brief from newly rebranded Futurebuild Events was clear: move away from any negative perceptions and make the event uniquely relevant to industry decision makers.

Our Response

We reclaimed the event as more than a trade show; rather as a platform to drive positive change. 


But first, we had to find out what people liked most about it. Only then could we reclaim it, by doing more of the positive things it was famous for and moving it away from any negative perceptions or misconnections.


These qualitative insights gave us a solid foundation on which to build a compelling proposition and set of key messages for Futurebuild, showing off the unique value it offers the built environment sector. 


Getting senior professionals to buy into this was key, so we had to give them something unique. We offered them a platform to collaborate, influence and show off their expertise and in doing so, gave them something that set Futurebuild apart from the competition.


We positioned the event as a brand publisher, using compelling blog and video-based content that showcased key event partners and industry leaders partaking in high level debate. In turn, we handed them the tools to drive real change in the built environment. 


A highly targeted, multi-channel campaign helped us get this content in front of the right people, on the right platform, at the right time. This included creating leads with potential exhibitors as well as attendees.

FUT_Futurebuild2019_image 2.jpg

As a result of innovating Ecobuilt saw a 5% increase in visitor numbers year on year, with exhibitor rebookings now sitting at a 5 year high. This strategic, multi-channel campaign saw over 4,600 link clicks from social activity to Futurebuild website, driving over 55,000 video views across Futurebuild social channels and YouTube. Securing support from senior professionals to ensure content want targeted, educational and unique aided a 6.5m media reach across 150 pieces of coverage in target trade and national media.