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27th March 2019

Time for Action: A Manifesto for Change

The challenge is on to ensure that the world has a sustainable future. It is widely accepted that wholesale change is needed now to make a meaningful impact on the future of our planet.

Against this backdrop, we have teamed up with Futurebuild to launch a major new whitepaper that sets out an inspiring and actionable roadmap for change in the construction sector. Download it here.

Taking positive action

The construction sector undoubtedly plays a crucial role in creating a better, more sustainable economy – and society more generally. But it’s also clear that no one single party has the whole solution. A combination of collaboration, open-mindedness and an entrepreneurial spirit will be needed to succeed.

That’s were events like Futurebuild comes in. Indeed, the recent 2019 edition of the event brought together thousands of industry leaders, who collectively made a commitment to tackle the major challenges facing us all by moving beyond words and taking positive action.

In this new whitepaper (which is available to download below), we’re kick-starting this journey by working with Futurebuild to deliver a collection of inspiring and thought provoking opinion-pieces that, together, create a real roadmap for change.

Uniting inspiring thinkers

The whitepaper unites some of the most inspiring and forward-thinking minds in the industry. All are striving for a better, more sustainable built environment and all have a firm commitment to tackling  the biggest challenges facing us head on.

Contributors include:

  • Andy Mitchell, Co-chair, Construction Leadership Council

  • Robin Nicholson, Partner, Cullinan Studio

  • Cristina Gamboa, CEO, World Green Building Council

  • Chris Jofeh, Global Retrofit Leader, Arup

  • Emma Howard Boyd, Chair, Environment Agency

  • …and many more industry leaders

From facing up to current weak spots, to being honest about type of future leadership needed to deliver a better tomorrow, the collaborators in this paper aren’t afraid to pose some big questions and offer some radical solutions – and they don’t pull any punches.

Get inspired

With the uncertainties and difficult decisions currently in front of the industry, now is surely the time for bold and brave thinking.

So, download the paper today to be inspired and challenged to step up and take action today for a better tomorrow.