Naming RLWC2021’s Volunteers

The problem

RLWC2021 is intending to enlist the help of 2021 volunteers to support next year’s tournament. But with so many people needed, and a large proportion of which needing to come from traditionally football-focused towns and cities, the challenge for us was to build enough excitement to oversubscribe expressions of interest for the programme to take into account for drop outs at a later stage.

Our response

Our programme was split into two phases, announcing expressions of interest were open and naming the volunteers.


To announce the programme was open, we profiled how volunteers in three key tournament areas (North East England, Yorkshire and North West England) have made a difference to the communities where they have volunteered and the benefits they have enjoyed as a result. Content was targeted to each region with the focus of getting people to the RLWC2021 site where they can sign up.


The second phase was focused on the naming of the volunteer team itself. Using a small social budget, influencer promotion and a press sell in, we sent traffic to a form on the tournament website, where people had to submit a suggested name. With over 1,500 names submitted, a RLWC panel shortlisted the top three that were then put to the public vote.


With the vote and announcement due to happen during the Coronavirus shut down, we jumped on a social trend to make relatively mundane events big sporting occasions. Using renowned rugby league commentator, Dave Woods, and support from three RLWC2021 ambassadors (Luke Gale, James Simpson and Jodie Cunningham), we built an animated race which was powered by the public’s votes. First across the line took the top prize and, as a result, The Power Squad was the people’s choice for the volunteer team which will, in turn, power next year’s tournament.


  • Over 5,000 expressions of interest to the programme and counting

  • 19% click-through rate from CRM – substantially above average compared to other campaigns

  • Over 10,000 positive social engagements

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