Making sporting history with Specsavers

The problem

The summer of 2019 saw England host Australia in the Specsavers Ashes series. England came into the series on the back of a home World Cup win and excitement for the game very much at its peak.

Specsavers wanted to capitilise on this and generate brand warmth and engagement on social media, with both core and non-core fans, through the sponsorship.

The challenge was that there were numerous sponsors involved in the Ashes and no ad spend available to help push our message. As a result, we had to think differently to make Specsavers stand out.

Our response

A team of reactive social media specialists watched the series live to react quickly to talking points while monitoring and listening software picked up on unowned Ashes conversation to interrupt.

By using these tactics with Specsavers’ well known humour, we were able to create hugely memorable, viral social moments.

From bespectacled Jack Leach bursting onto the scene with a famous 92 vs Ireland in the Ashes warm up, to a series of poor umpiring errors which gave us a natural tongue-in-cheek stance at the start of the series, we quickly added colour and meaning to the Specsavers Ashes sponsorship organically.

The highlight came when Ben Stokes asked us to offer Jack Leach free glasses for life after the most memorable 1* cricket has ever seen. We duly obliged with a post which went far and wide across the globe, as well as being picked up by dozens of top tier media titles including BBC Sport, LadBible, Daily Telegraph, Sky Sports and BBC Radio 5 Live - all helping to triple Specsavers’ YouGov Word of Mouth score in a survey taken in the week after the post.


With almost 14m impressions and over 200k engagements, we far surpassed all of our targets.


But what’s more valuable is Specsavers’ place in sporting history. That simply cannot be measured. The Ben Stokes / Jack Leach innings will be played for decades to come, and in many conversations, Specsavers’ offer of free glasses for life will be spoken of in the same breath.

  • 13.9m impressions (+330% vs target)

  • 200k more engagements (+222% vs target)

  • 2,500 new followers (+250% vs target)

  • YouGov Word of Mouth score tripled among those who follow cricket in the UK

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