8th April 2020

Introducing Social Media in Strange Times

This time last year if someone had said that we would be living in a nationwide lockdown in the midst of global pandemic, would we have believed them?!


These are strange times indeed. As people stay at home, the nation’s behaviour is changing and our homes are becoming the epicentre of out lives; we are working from home, we are shopping from home, we are socialising from home and we are looking for entertainment, information and resources to help us do this.


So what do these shifts in behaviour look like? And what does this mean for brands and their communication strategies?


We’ve taken a look at the stats, reports and information out there (and there’s a lot of it!), curated it into a singly digestible report, combined with our analysis and insight, which outlines the changing online behaviour of consumers and what this means for brands during the short-term lock down period and how we plan for recover.


The main takeaways:

  • For survival, brands must stay visible and remain front of mind during this period, avoiding the temptation to go dark

  • To thrive, those that continue to engage their audiences and maintain comms are predicted to see a nine times faster recovery period


The data on this subject is changing daily and we’re constantly getting new insights so we’ll continue to update the report an on ongoing basis but hopefully this offers a good summary of where things stand today.

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