Sam Gregory, Joint MD


Joint MD at Tangerine, Sam has worked agency-side for 20 years, helping B2B businesses think differently about communication and demonstrably influence thinking and change buying behaviour across a range of challenging and complex B2B markets.


Sam specialises in differentiating brands and evolving their communication strategies to make sure they stay relevant and engaging, and has worked with industry leaders and challenger brands to develop and roll out transformative campaigns globally.


She is a big believer in showing why being bold and brave with comms is commercially sound and proving how the right approach can solve big business problems.


She’s an authoritative voice on a range of topics, including:

How B2B brands should embrace digital

Understanding and taking control of your brand footprint

How to really know your audience

Creating cut-through in commoditised markets

Making complex issues interesting and engaging

Why B2B brands need to target consumers


Journalists can contact Sam directly on 07799874817 or email: