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22nd February 2018

How ‘Office Curling’ made us all Loose Women

Thursday 22nd February 2018… The day Tangerine made its debut on ITV’s Loose Women.

That’s right, we made an appearance on the chat show, as it shared a show reel of the best ‘Office Curling’ videos, a trend which has spread across social media this week.

While we love to have fun at Tangerine (and of course, aren’t ones to shy away from the media spotlight), there is method in the madness that led to Tangerines Danii, Gemma and Tom appearing on national television.

In essence, catch the trend, if you have something to say, say it and do it in an engaging way. Be quick and creative!

How we do this, each day at 8am, as part of our media monitoring service, the team analyses the news, social trends and industry developments to spot reactive opportunities for our clients and (occasionally) us!

On Valentine’s Day, we were quick to spot that the Winter Olympics had inspired the nation to attempt curling, without being on the ice, and the hashtag #lovecurling was starting to trend.

Our speedy response, a short six second video where we recreate the curling action using office chairs and a mop, has gradually built momentum, with a reach in excess of 98k, generating over 550 engagements from our original tweet. Yesterday, Team GB retweeted our content to its 925k Twitter followers, helping the video to achieve over 85k views to date.

Then last night, our fun content (shot on an iPhone) appeared as a Twitter Moment, ‘You don’t need ice or stones to try curling’ – generating 236 likes in a few hours.

In short, while this seems like a bit of fun, it was born from our always on approach to monitoring the news and trends and our commitment to generating reactive ideas quickly for our clients. The key is not to be afraid to engage and lead in online conversation, so long as it’s relevant.

Back to Loose Women, step aside Christine Lampard, Katie Price and Ruth Langsford, Tangerine is in town!