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24th July 2018

Tangerine reappointed to promote

Futurebuild 2019

Futurebuild Events Ltd has once again called on Tangerine to provide strategic communications support and consultancy as it launches Futurebuild 2019.

In just its first year under independent ownership, ecobuild 2018 saw visitor numbers increase five per cent, exhibitor rebookings at a five year high, and performance indicators up across the board in post-event surveys. With ecobuild 2018 deemed an overwhelming return to form, Futurebuild Events followed up by making a major announcement about the event’s future direction.

From 2019 onwards, it will be known as Futurebuild, representing the fulfilment of the bold vision that the new owners set out upon its acquisition. As it progresses its plans for Futurebuild 2019, the organisers will be working closely with Tangerine to develop a compelling proposition and set of key messages for the evolved event, focused on clearly differentiating it from the competition and reinforcing the unique purpose and value it offers to the built environment.

Tangerine has also been tasked with planning and executing targeted multi-channel communications campaigns focused on driving interest and leads from potential exhibitors, as well as engaging high level industry decision-makers and encouraging them to sign-up to attend the event.

Commenting on the reappointment, Martin Hurn, MD of Futurebuild Events, said: “When we acquired the event, we declared our intentions to take an entirely new approach, particularly in terms of how we work with our audiences to understand and deliver on what matters most to them. The resulting 2018 event successfully turned around five years of decline – no mean feat after just a few months of independent ownership – and put us on a firm footing to continue moving forward with Futurebuild 2019.

“Across all our successes, Tangerine has been a key partner every step of the way. The event has a renewed sense of purpose and relevance within the industry and the way Tangerine has helped us communicate our story – particularly through the voices of our influential expert partners – has been central to this.

“We’re excited about the plans we have developed with Tangerine for promoting the 2019 event and are sure that it will once again see further growth in terms of both the number and quality of attendees and exhibitors.”

Barry Maginn, senior account director at Tangerine, added: “Futurebuild is unique within the built environment. It’s much more than just a trade show. It is the recognised platform for professionals from across the industry to come together to explore and develop solutions to the big issues facing us all.

“The 2019 edition will be focused on truly giving the event back to industry and reaffirming its commitment to innovation and sustainability. We see our role as one of amplifying what is already a compelling story – helping reinforce why Futurebuild 2019 is something that simply can’t be missed. It’s going to be a fantastic event and we are proud of our role in helping bring it to life.”