6th November 2013

YouTube Thrilled the Video Star

By Caroline Gibson on Wednesday November 6, 2013

So first video killed the radio star and now it seems YouTube has thrilled the video stars – after this weekend’s first ever YouTube Awards.

Hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts (no, I am not young enough or cool enough to know who they are either), the awards did attract high profile stars such as Lady Gaga and Eminem, who saw himself win ‘Artist of The Year’.

The star studded guest list is testament to the importance of these new awards and a demonstration of how the ‘Generation C’ is consuming music.

Back in my day (yeah, I went there), we would wait patiently by the radio or VCR to record our favourite songs, carefully trying not to sneak the start of an advert in there. But now, people have an endless library of music videos at their fingertips.

Winners of the awards were chosen by taking into account YouTube views, likes and comments as well as subscription figures for different artists, with some videos being watched more than 200 million times!

With the likes of Justin Bieber being spotted on YouTube it really demonstrates the power of this social media platform – for good and evil, depending on your views of the pint sized pop stars. But no one can deny it has changed the way we consume music.

A recent Nielsen survey showed 64 per cent of American adolescents said they listened to music on YouTube, compared with 56% who listened to radio! But it does beg the question – what comes next?