1st December 2017

My work experience at Tangerine

It’s somewhat like your first day at school, coming in for your first day of work-experience. You’re in new surroundings, with new people, with those first day nerves and really trying not to embarrass yourself.

Luckily my first day at Tangerine went much better than my first day at school (which is a story for another time). This is mainly down to the staff and a little bit down to the fact that pigeons can’t get you when you’re inside.

To be met by smiling faces first thing Monday morning put me at ease immediately. Everyone introduced themselves and assured me that if I needed any help, I was only to ask. Each and every staff member I have interacted with has been nothing but friendly and feeling like I could approach everybody has really helped me when completing tasks.

The atmosphere in the office is one of the highlights of working here. It’s busy and there’s a lot to get done, but everyone works together and there’s a fair share of jokes flying around. I want to thank all the staff at Tangerine for making me feel so welcome from the moment I arrived and making my work experience thoroughly enriching.

There is often a perception that students on work experience are expected to do a lot of photocopying and make a lot of tea. Whether this is true for other places, I couldn’t tell you, but I haven’t made a cup of tea yet (maybe I should offer today actually). From the outset, I have been trusted with completing more important work than I anticipated. It’s great to feel like a company trusts you to complete work for their clients, even if you’re just here for experience. Having that trust from the people around me has given me the confidence to complete tasks to the best of my ability and I hope my work has been up to the high standards set here at Tangerine.

For students, industry experience during your studies in not only vital to job prospects upon graduation but also plays an integral role in helping you decide what you want to do after University. I would like to thank Tangerine for me giving me the opportunity to work and learn here and for making me really feel like part of the team.

Thanks Everyone!

By Adam Russell, Work Experience