13th December 2017

Will 2018 Be The Year of Imperfectly Perfect Marketing?

How many times have we all looked at a piece of content and poured over the most minute details to create the most perfect, polished output?!

In the last five years the level of content output has increased significantly from brands, media outlets and individuals. But in recent times live content has started to change the game.

The distinction between an advert and brand content can sometimes become blurred as brands are pressured to show more and more commercial ROI from their content/social activity.

And this has led to a new level of scepticism from younger audiences in particular, who are starting to question the authenticity and therefore the value of content to them.

As we know, trust is the key to taking people from an observer to a customer. If they don’t trust your brand, why would they buy from you?  Research from Time Inc recently found that 90% of people have greater trust in brands that produce customised, engaging content over traditional ad style formats.

Therein lies the beauty of ‘live’: Insta stories, Snapchat and Facebook live namely. In its crude, unedited form it is gritty, real and authentic. People like this because it shows people, brands (and the people behind the brands) in an honest way. And if you make a mistake, that’s ok, because they make mistakes too.

Note: By mistake, I mean tripping over or dropping a cheeky innuendo (think Phil and Holly on this morning), I don’t mean mistake as in starting a political row on twitter!

Live has the ability to create beautifully authentic, shareable ‘snackable’ content that can live on after the live event and achieve widespread exposure for your brand.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s most definitely still a place for those polished pieces of high production content (so long as they add value and are of interest to the audience you’re talking to in the social space) but it’s also important to consider live, more authentic content that gives people an insight into who you are and what you stand for.

If I’ve tickled your interest and you want to do a bit more reading, here’s some detail on the numbers behind this:

Twitter paid the NFL $15 million to stream 10 games, with the hopes of snagging user attention and offsetting slow growth

People also interact more with live videos, commenting more than 10 times as often on live videos versus regular ones

Facebook Live Stream” search popularity has risen over 330% since Facebook Live’s rollout

Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than videos that aren’t live anymore  <-do you remember that puddle?!

Chewbacca mom is Facebook Live’s most watched video in 2016 with 166 million views