26th May 2016

Why I’m Mad for Manchester

Having spent a year working in London after graduating from the University of Manchester, it was my passion for the city that pulled me back up to the North West; I desperately missed the place, the people and everything about it…and I’m not alone; Manchester was officially named as the best UK city to live in last year, don’t you know!

But why am I, along with so many others, completely besotted with the rainy city?

Well, let’s start with the amazing opportunities for young people. The city has brilliant universities, with a student life that’s second to none (I love you Fallowfield!) and is teaming with fantastic apprenticeship schemes for school leavers.

 As for history, Manchester was the world’s first industrial city, the birthplace of the computer AND we split the atom here. It goes without saying that we’ve been on an upward trajectory for years in terms of culture; education; science and creativity, with each of these factors contributing to enrich life in the city.

For these reasons, it’s no surprise that the city has continued to attract some of the biggest and most successful brands in the country, like adidas, Kellogg’s, The Cooperative, the BBC and ITV, just to name a few…. In turn, this has resulted in an influx of motivated, like-minded people to the city, who are proud to buck the trend of capital city relocation.

But, it’s not all about the companies that choose Manchester as their HQ; international and national brands now flock to Manchester, to work with the city’s creative & communication experts, those who bucked the London trend. Perhaps this is why Tangerine has grown into one of the biggest (and best) agencies outside of capital, making the “I want a London agency” mentality a thing of the past.

In terms of geography – Manchester couldn’t be better placed. Firstly, it’s in the North, where everyone is like well friendly. Secondly, because of its central location within the UK, it offers major logistical benefits; enabling workers to get to Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham or Newcastle without trouble. Plus, with London being just two hours away by train, it’s easy to pop into town to see clients, to go to events and to visit those media that haven’t also moved up here!

Yet, in spite of its growing size, unlike London, you never feel forgotten or swallowed up by Manchester – rather, you feel part of the city, a welcomed member of the community and an important part of its growing creative workforce.

So, as I mentioned, what’s to love about Manchester? Well, pretty much everything as far as I’m concerned!

By Emily Learmonth, Consumer Account Executive