2nd March 2016

We Like This: March

Our monthly slot which shows what we’ve had our eye on in the Tangerine Content Studio

What we’ve been reading

A recent trip to Leeds meant a stop at the north’s best magazine shop, Village, where we picked up an issue of Offscreen magazine – a global publication about the digital industry and the people that keep it going.  The premise of the mag has always been to talk about digital away from a screen and it is lovely to read about great work and methodologies printed on actual real life paper.


What we’ve been watching

MediaCityUK is making a real impact on us as a team of late and having the BBC a few Met stops away is becoming more evident in our work and networking too. Apart from pitching for a very interesting campaign for Auntie last week, we also popped in to meet the guys hosting the fantastic Blue Room resource for the Beeb’s staff.  The Blue Room is a kind of futuristic playpen where you can try out the latest technologies and see their impact on the media landscape of tomorrow. It’s a private facility for the BBC but our HoD Anna’s tenacity got us a full tour and we got to mess around with all sorts of bits and bobs (yes, that is the technical term).


What we’ve been listening to

Sometimes it seems like the only new music we get to listen to in our Content Team area at Tangerine is the relentless loops of Audiojungle tracks that Videographer Sam and I trawl through to find the perfect backing track for our film output.  Last week however we decided to switch the radio to Radio 1 and try and get under the skin of millennial-focussed broadcasting.  The boing-boing beats of Riton’s Rinse and Repeat is a current favourite first thing in the morning but that Lukas Graham track is causing much turmoil.

What we’ve been looking at

Human After All, the London-based creative agency, has an enviable portfolio of simply beautiful work for some of the coolest brands in the world, not to mention the excellent Weapons Of Reason publication. The agency recently released some great artwork for the BAFTAs as well as a set of bespoke playing cards for Facebook based on some recent insight published by the social network.


What we’ve been clicking

We’ve had a lot of fun recently experimenting with 360 technology and VR.  This week we decided to map our own office using the Google Streetview App and we had some really interesting results.  It’s not the latest app, but the functionality is very impressive and it’s clear that this technology is being developed to be used democratically.  The only slight issue was getting some colleagues to sit still, so our efforts won’t be going live until everybody has a round-ish head.  Or even better, one homogenous, combined head.


What we wish we’d done

A spot that seems to be making waves within our industry right now is not one for a client but one for an agency itself.  We are all aware of the need for finding the right talent these days and plenty of agencies have tried to release videos of Utopian yet ultimately clichéd offices bedecked with ping-pong tables and execs smashing their work-life balance goals. BBH London was a little more honest and bold about who it’s looking for however, whilst staying true to its black sheep ethos.  Excellent work.

By Sam Swaffield, Content Manager