17th October 2017

The value of PR measurement

Let’s talk measurement. I recently attended PR Moment’s PR Analytics conference to understand more about the industry’s recent update on metrics and how other communications professionals, both in house and agency, measure.  Here at Tangerine breaking ‘bad measurement’ practices, including traditional metrics such as AVE and PR Value is something we’ve driven for some time, and it was great to join the forces in helping to spread the word.

Let’s get one thing straight first though, when talking measurement it’s important we’re all on the same page and we understand the difference between measurement and evaluation. Measurement is what we want to achieve, looking at aligning the client’s business and communication objectives with our communication objectives. Evaluation is then what we do to analyse this activity, looking at whether we’ve achieved the objectives through the results evaluated.

In this digital world, the need for traditional measurement such as coverage books and press clippings are still important but being data smart is key. Evaluating solid metrics should be a critical element in the overall communications process, and in fact drive the creative process itself. In order to deliver a successful Communications Campaign, including winning awards for our lovely clients, it’s imperative the measurement strategy is devised from the start and we understand what success looks like to our clients.

Despite the fact we all know how crucial measurement is, it’s still one of the greyest areas in the industry – and I often hear people ask for the standard protocol. Measurement is constantly evolving and needs to be tailored to every client, campaign and sector. The answer here is quite simply that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ rule to measurement but one thing is for sure, consistency is key. Credible, consistent measurement is what justifies our value.  It is what empowers us to be more creative and try new things as well as demonstrate tangible results that link to business objectives, otherwise the results lack meaning or value.

It’s important we communication specialists talk the language of the board room and explain from the start how we can impact the bottom line. Both parties then need to agree on what should be measured and how often, so we can then establish regular progress reports to track campaign success.

Nothing can compare with results. It’s up to us to ensure our clients have the tools and practices in place that can measure the things that matter most and show the impact on the business.  Good measurement is there for the long term.

At Tangerine we capture meaningful metrics such as year-on-year sales and perception change, and we look to demonstrate how the right messages delivered to the right consumers at the right time are changing brand perceptions and making a real business impact. Ultimately, what we do is deliver a tailored approach and set metrics based on the client’s objectives and business drivers.


By Sarah Schofield, Senior Account Manager