20th October 2016

Using Social Media to Market Yourself

Social media isn’t just a way of telling your friends what you have been up to at the weekend or posting a picture of what you are having for dinner (although most of us love to do that), it is also a great way to market yourself.

An ever-increasing number of employers are now using social media channels as part of their recruitment processes, making it more important for you to use it in a smart way. Many people use social media for personal reasons, but using it as a brand or as a professional is very different. With new channels being introduced all the time, it has never been easier for your current or future employer to see what you are up to. Not only can companies track what you are posting, but your online profiles can really show off your personality, which could either lead to an employer wanting to hire you, or wanting to avoid you.

Here are a few of my top tips for using social media as a professional:

  1. Be yourself, but not to the extent of writing what you’ve been up to with your mates after a few beers!
  2. Follow and engage with brands. Make people remember you, in a good way. I’m not saying retweet each of their posts, but pick a couple of your favourites and engage with them.
  3. Hide any inappropriate content that may stop an employer wanting to hire you.
  4. Always check your grammar before posting.
  5. Update your professional network regularly, particularly LinkedIn. If you have recently been promoted or have been praised for outstanding work, tell your followers. Showcase your work, personality, skills and employability!

On the other hand, you can also benefit from social media just as much as employers. Researching a company’s online presence could help you decide whether it’s a brand you really want to work with. You can also use their social channels as a way of impressing an employer in an interview. If you demonstrate you have done your research, this may put you one step ahead of other applicants.

So, if using social media correctly could potentially lead you to your dream job, why not make the most of it?

By Jody Hackney, Consumer Account Executive