10th December 2014

Unintentional publicity works wonders for Candy Crush

Tory MP Nigel Mills has shown brand publicity can come from the most unlikely of places after being caught enthralled in the most downloaded game of 2013 – Candy Crush.

After becoming the latest politician to be branded ‘not fit for purpose’ by the Sun, the coverage that followed across all media platforms was undoubtedly PR magic for Candy Crush, which already generates £610,000 per day thanks to its 93 million daily users.

Even more appealing news followed for those that read on.

Mills was tapping away on the (I’m told) very addictive game for two and a half hours and although that raised eyebrows for those who condemned his behaviour, the millions of likeminded individuals that also ‘meeting-dodge’ must have been encouraged by his feat.

If they hadn’t got the app already – surely they have now.

Of course though, Candy Crush wasn’t the first brand to benefit from a surprise celebrity endorsement, and they certainly won’t be the last.

American shoe-maker Steve Madden must’ve been licking his lips when he saw Donnie Azoff, portrayed by Jonah Hill, introduce his brand to millions in the Wolf of Wall Street, while closer to home Stevie Ritchie and Simon Cowell’s well documented trip to Harvester obviously gave their PR team an early Christmas gift.

Mills may well have worked himself onto Candy Crush’s Christmas card list but the Amber Valley MP’s admission that he will ‘try not to do it in future’ wasn’t too convincing, and he unfortunately joins a long list of famous faces endorsing something they probably shouldn’t.

Oprah Winfrey was due to promote Microsoft’s Surface tablet and did a great job of promoting the device to her millions of fans on her… Apple iPad.

While David Beckham also insisted Motorola’s budget ‘Aura’ phone ‘feels like you have something really special in your hand’ after giving his highly valued face to the campaign, before being seen clutching a ‘friend’s’ state of the art iPhone.

For all the red faces, cancelled contracts and furious managers, though, one thing is for sure…

No matter the perpetrator, the time or the place – companies will always benefit from famous faces giving their products positive airtime, regardless of whether it’s intentional or not.