1st March 2018

How I traded in my name badge for Facebook and limitless Yorkshire tea

This year, I looked at my future career in retail, which I’ve been working in since I left university, and I took a left turn. I resigned from my full-time role, driving forklifts and stacking shelves (even though I was on the way towards a successful career in middle management), and was offered a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Tangerine Comms, through The Juice Academy.

Example of one of my bad days in retail.

I’m now one month into my apprenticeship and I’m working with some of the UK’s largest brands – it’s so exciting! I’ve always had an interest in social media, analytics and content creation. I’d come home after every shift in retail to find myself in front of my computer consumed by endless hours of YouTube videos. This wasn’t because I had nothing else to do, but because I am fascinated with everyday people like you and me, sharing their ideas online, reaching people through their vlogs and content, opinions that millions of people want to listen to.

It was a decision I hadn’t taken lightly because I knew the apprenticeship wage could be difficult, but I think you have to be willing to make sacrifices to pursue your dreams.

It’s easy to get into the habit of living for the weekends. In the past, I’ve found myself consistently changing jobs and getting bored far too quickly.

Example of a good day in digital marketing – Trying Snapchat Spectacles in a Juice Academy session.

Being immersed in a creative environment, around people who share the same passions for digital media, is so refreshing. The digital marketing sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s great knowing that, after I finish this 18-month apprenticeship, I’ll have practical experience with one of the industry’s most respected agencies.

So, here’s to my journey, whether it’s a good day or a great one. I know that I’ll never be bored in this field and that’s the reason I know I made the right choice.

Words by Alexander J. Croft

Alex is the newest Digital Marketing Apprentice at Tangerine Comms through The Juice Academy. He also founded and directs The Trophy Room gallery, Liverpool. All opinions shared are his own.