5th April 2017

Our top 5 brand April Fool’s jokes


That’s what everyone was shouting this April Fool’s Day, as every brand and their dog (no, really) entertained the internet with tongue-in-cheek fools.

Some were better than others – we’re here to share our top 5.

Pizza Hut Restaurants – 12 sided pizza

Forget the 12 sided coin, it’s so… last Tuesday. This April Fool’s Day, we were all about the 12 sided pizza with Pizza Hut Restaurants. We fooled ‘millenniums’ into thinking that ‘round is dead’. But, of course, there’s no reason to change a classic. Round is here to stay.

Iceland – frozen flowers


This Saturday our client, frozen food specialist Iceland Foods, announced its new range of frozen flowers – fresh for “when you need them”. It definitely captured imaginations, with unsuspecting husbands being sent to their nearest Iceland store to pick up a bouquet. We imagine there were some confused Iceland store team members that day!

Google Gnome

On the back of Google Home, Google introduced us to the Google Gnome. It’s kind of like the Home, but it sits in your garden and deals out the sass – don’t even think about asking it to add milk to your shopping list. Not only did this April Fool’s make us laugh, it’s also a pretty efficient reminder of the Google Home and its functionalities.

Paddy Power – Seahorse Racing

Grand National watch out – Seahorse Racing is here to take your crown. This jokey video from Paddy Power has all the gags and banter you’d expect, from sedate footage of seahorses accompanied by frenetic commentary and ‘Paddy’ being interviewed wearing a snorkel. Simple but effective.

Duolingo emoji language course


In today’s millennial-obsessed world, language learning app Duolingo’s April Fool’s prank could very well be mistaken for an attempt to ‘get down with the kids’. It announced it was launching a course to help people to ‘learn to speak emoji’, with some very funny example quizzes. We wouldn’t be surprised if they got people actually trying to sign up…

So there you have it, our top April Fool’s pranks. Share your favourites with us on Twitter @TangerineComms


By Helen Gradwell, Senior Content Executive