9th January 2017

Top 3 social media predictions for 2017


In 2016 we saw Twitter swap stars for hearts, Facebook went live and kicking with video and Snapchat introduced Spectacles. As always it’s an ever shifting, highly competitive landscape offering continuous invasive tools to watch, listen, respond and learn. So what should we expect to see as this year’s social media predictions?


 Pays to play

‘Pays to play’ will continue to be the only REAL way to reach desired audiences on social media. Facebook and Instagram targeting continues to be the most developed and robust options available but we expect to see improvement on Twitter even though profits for them declined in 2016, they will be coming back with a bang. Snapchat should also be rolling out more affordable ways to engage, connect and serve content because up until now, brand partnerships on Snapchat have been almost unattainable due to the high levels of expected investment. For both Twitter and Snapchat to maintain brand trust and establish a loyal community we should expect to see an offering of deep analytics and affordable advertising.


Audiences have become more savvy, forcing brands to work harder for loyalty. Content must be more distinctive to resonate with a business or consumer. Users want honest relationships with brands. Consistency is key (timing, channel, messaging, tone of voice) but being able to move with change is imperative. Personalisation has a significant impact on advocacy and loyalty; target, tailor, listen, learn to essentially monetise. If you’re creating content for your audience listen to what they like, research their behaviours and serve ONLY to those who it will benefit the most. Importantly, be available when they NEED you, not when you want them.

Old news is not news

The success of Snapchat and Instagram Stories proves how disappearing content engages and excites consumers, especially millennials and generation x. This will continue to grow in 2017, with channels offering exclusive content for a short period of time, creating hype and excitement embracing the “I saw it first” mentality.

So folks, dig deeper, listen harder and dare to be a little elusive, times are changing, move with it.

By Kineta Kelsall, Digital Manager @kineets on Twitter