11th September 2017

Our Top 10 Tips for Delivering a Successful Event

The last couple of weeks have been particularly busy at Tangerine HQ. We’ve worked alongside a number of our clients to stage a variety of media events and experiential marketing activities.

Our client teams have travelled over 1,000 miles to various locations including Switzerland, London and Manchester.

Their aim, to raise brand awareness and enable consumers to be immersed in fun and memorable experiences through direct engagement.

From putting on a golfing masterclass with Lee Westwood OBE, for client PPG at the Omega European Masters to delivering experiential activity at events in London for Garmin UK and Pizza Hut Restaurants, we have pushed our clients (and ourselves) to be bigger, bolder and braver!

That said, events don’t have to be daunting. With the right planning, organisation and execution, they can be highly rewarding for brands.

To alleviate any fears, here are our top 10 tips for organising a successful event.

Complete a venue recce

No matter how good a floor plan is, there’s no better way to get the feel for a potential event venue than seeing it for yourself. Consider the proximity of transport links, accessibility and the facilities you need to make your event a success, such as catering.

Always read the small print

Check all the finer details! From how many plates, knives and forks the venue will provide for your use, to whether there are any restrictions on filming (particularly if you want to broadcast live) – you’d be surprised how much venue hire contracts can differ.

Establish the venue’s internet connectivity

We’ve all suffered anxiety from having issues with internet connectivity. Imagine an event without a dedicated hashtag, or worse, imagine your event with a wonderfully sculpted hashtag that nobody can use because there’s no internet connection for you and hundreds, maybe even thousands of your guests. Some event spaces are now charging exhibitors for Wi-Fi access, so check out your options before you sign up!

Make sure you invite more people than you want to attend (especially for media events)

We’re all busier now than ever before. As such, it’s inevitable that at every event someone on the guest list will drop out. If your sole aim is to get bums on seats, make sure you oversubscribe to your event to allow for drop out.

Compile a thorough event bible/staging book

Organising event teams can be a mammoth task, especially if you’re outsourcing promotional staff. Compiling a thorough event bible that contains contact details, timings, roles and responsibilities ahead of the event allows everyone time to digest what will happen on the day. It also gives other members of the team the opportunity to challenge its contents and spot any gaps!

Consider how you’ll communicate during the event

Exhibition centres are huge! When there are multiple people working on an event, it’s essential to establish how you’ll keep in contact during the event to ensure that things run smoothly. Whether that be investing in headsets and radio communications to conversing over WhatsApp, work out what will work best for you in your environment.

Always arrive early

Don’t leave anything to chance on the day of the event. If you’re travelling to another city (or another country), it’s our advice to travel to the host city the night before. This not only alleviates stress on the team but also removes the risk of any travel disasters.

Host a team briefing and assign responsibilities

Where possible, we’d suggest hosting the team briefing away from the event venue. Once you arrive, there are many potential distractions – suppliers, venue management, members of the public etc.

Gather up your team, assign responsibilities for the event and run through the order of events. Once you arrive at the venue, it’s okay to reaffirm this and have a walk through with the team just so that everyone is crystal clear, providing everyone with the opportunity to ask any questions.

Make sure you have petty cash

You never know what you might need to pop out and buy on the day. From bottles of water to keep the team hydrated to a cloth to wipe down your branding to make sure it looks perfect, having cash makes it easier for everyone to make that last minute purchase.

Have fun!

After weeks of planning and organisation, make sure that you and the team enjoy the event. Your attendees will appreciate being greeted by someone with a smile on their face and you deserve it!