20th January 2014

The Sun ditches Page 3 models… Or has it?

There has been widespread talk in some sections of the media in the last 24 hours that best-selling British red-top, The Sun, has axed the Page 3 girl feature of the paper.

Radio 4’s flagship Today programme featured a report on their news agenda this morning after it broke on The Guardian’s website yesterday.

If the reports are correct then it ends a 44 year tradition although the paper’s head of PR Dylan Sharpe tweeted this earlier today;

There was certainly no topless model on Page 3 of the The Sun today, although later editions of the first five pages of the ‘paper were dedicated to actress Anne Kirkbride who died after playing Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow for more than 40 years.

Often when a high-profile person dies this can be the case. Early editions of The Sun had a picture of two bikini-clad TV stars running across a beach – both female.

Most former colleagues at The Sun I have spoken to though are under the impression that Page 3 has gone for good.

There has been a long-running campaign against the paper calling for them to axe Page 3 girls and it would appear the campaigners have won their battle.

There has been some criticism of those campaigning;

The one thing many commentators have pointed out is that Page 3 is dated. It’s hard to disagree with that given content readily available elsewhere.

Perhaps The Sun is remaining non-committal on the move in case there is a pro-Page 3 backlash demanding the paper reinstate topless models.

Only time will tell. Perhaps the last word should go to Rhian Sugden, a model and TV star who has regularly appeared on Page 3, for a number of years;

By Head of Media – Dave Goddard