20th March 2015

The experiences of an international junior account executive

Laura Blog India


When I started working at Tangerine, I had a little bit of experience in speaking to media from across the globe. For example, I used to work with a great client who attended a trade show each year in the US and I had a great time liaising with the Americans – so polite.

That being said, at Tangerine Towers it feels like you get to ‘visit’ a different country every day! Both the B2B and Consumer teams work with clients that operate all over the world. My personal favourite has been getting to work with the media in India recently.

The B2B team working on Hochiki Europe, a designer and manufacturer of fire safety solutions, was asked to support the company to expand its presence in India. That meant implementing a strategic press office, shooting video footage and creating content to share on social media.

It’s fantastic to be given the chance to design, draft and then direct a brief for a video that’s being directed half way across the globe.

Professional HD video camera in studio


As the team here already had a solid understanding of the India business, security and safety media, it was up to me to build individual relationships with the journalists. After issuing our first press release and having numerous international conversations, we now have editors coming to us to hear from Hochiki Europe’s spokespeople!

Watching the video back and finally seeing our press release in a print magazine was a great feeling. Knowing that the team had conducted this activity putting all their effort into making it the best content it could be, all while achieving the client’s targets made me feel very proud.

While working on the Hochiki Europe in India project, I had the chance to learn not just how to adapt to time differences and culture differences, but also how to brief a videographer from another country and how to manage time and logistics when the activity you’re arranging is happening while you’re in bed!

I suppose the key message of my story would be: every day is a school day. Especially at Tangerine.

By Laura Lewis, B2B Junior Account Executive