20th November 2013

Texting Gloves and Other Top Tweeky* Christmas Gifts

By Jess Matthewman on Wednesday November 20, 2013

*Tweek: (n). A geek who likes to tweet

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas shopping hysteria has set in. Only two weeks into November and the majority of the Tangerine team is discussing when to hit the shops and how to tackle the throngs of Christmas market tourists. Our digital strategies are sorted; it’s the seasonal shopping strategy that’s worrying us.

So, what do you do if you find that your secret Santa is the office social media bod? Panic not. As unusual and difficult as these creatures are, getting a gift for one of them doesn’t have to be. You see, I’ve done the hard-work and selflessly sourced the best presents for any Facebook fan or LinkedIn lover, so you don’t have to. (Note: If you’d like to thank me, any of the below items would be happily received…)

The Twitter Fail Whale Necklace

No-one wants to see the Twitter fail whale, unless it’s around your neck in gold! This stylish and cute accessory is perfect for the social media lover who is fashion conscious. It is also *cough* my favourite of these items *cough*.

The Friend Cup

Being a social media expert can sometimes be a lonely job. When you’re knee deep in tweets, code and photo editing, making actual conversation with your friends can be a daily struggle. But no more! Give the gift of the Friend Cup and your social media buddy can have their whole circle of friends right there with their coffee.

The Social Media Citation Pad

As you will have learnt from my earlier blog about offences towards Facebook, one thing that makes social media folk sad inside is the abuse of networks by those not quite familiar with the etiquette of the online world. This pad helps to spread the message about appropriate content in an easy-to-use tick-box fashion, plus the receiver is guaranteed to be both relieved and grateful for the intervention!

Etre Fivepoint Gloves

As the name suggests, these beauties allow for touchscreen use, through your gloves. So simple, so genius, and certain to make all your cold-handed friends envious. Just remind anyone you purchase these for to not get too excited with screen tapping and end up letting the phone slide through the low friction fibres and on to the cold, hard floor below.

Are you a social media geek? What would you love for Christmas?