29th October 2013

Tangerine PRos at work experience

By Hannah MacDonald on Tuesday October 29, 2013

I had the luxury of doing work experience at Tangerine PR for two weeks recently and I’m happy to say it has been the best work experience I’ve had to date.

Immediately, things were looking good when I first sat at my desk and there was a jar of chocolates in front of me. Unfortunately they weren’t just for my morning stomach rumbles; the point of the jar was to share the chocolates and exchange them for interesting facts about fellow Tangerines – such a good ice breaker and a great way to get to know people.

Who’d have thought there would be cheerleaders and Les Mis singers in the office?

One thing that has really impressed me is the way everyone has been so willing to let me get involved and help me out. It can be hard being a work experience person because you are there to learn, but you don’t want to use up peoples’ valuable time in the process.

Everyone here has been great at taking time out of their working day to give me feedback and answer any questions I may have.

The thing I like about PR is the variety. In a single day you might be meeting clients, writing press releases, tweeting, or planning an exciting event.  From where I was sitting it looked like no day was the same and this is very appealing to me as a graduate trying to find out what career I want to pursue.

The favourite part of my work experience was doing some event planning and getting to grips with press releases.  Event planning is rewarding because you can see everything coming together and it brought out the happy organisational side of me.

Press releases, I found, are more difficult than first thought. Getting the right tone of voice is essential, as well as making sure all the key information is there in the right way. I learnt a lot about how to go about writing a press release and why they are so important.

Finally, I would say the best thing about working here has been the ‘vibe’. It is the thing you can’t quite put your finger on but you just feel you’re in a warm and friendly environment. It might be the people, it might be the décor, or it might be the table in the kitchen overflowing with baked goods and chocolate – who knows. It’s probably a combination of all three.

Thanks everyone – it has been a really useful experience and I will never see a press release in the same way again!