18th February 2014

Sochi… in social media images

By Jess Matthewman on Tuesday February 18, 2014

The Sochi Olympics are now well under way and anyone who is anyone is taking full advantage of the best photo opportunity of the year so far.

Not ones to miss out, companies have been scrambling like speed skaters around a rink to get the most shareable content out as quickly as possible, while the Olympians themselves have been giving us a behind the scenes look at what life is like in the Olympic Village via Instragram.

Twitter has even been creating a daily collage of the most tweeted photos.

Entertaining, informative and always topical, the most popular posts have brought exactly what social media users love to see – here are my top five so far:

Things didn’t get off to the best start for Russia with the opening ceremony rings not fully opening, but it certainly gave plenty of fuel for internet jokers and meme makers – Mashable went for the classic ‘one job’ version.

Things did start well for Team GB though, as Jenny Jones scored our first ever Olympic medal on snow with her performance at brand new Women’s Slope Style event.

Congratulations swiftly followed on Twitter through the official Team GB account, which cleverly incorporated all the supporting brands into the message.

Some of the Olympians struggled to even make it to their event though, with the unlucky Johnny Quinn getting trapped in both a lift and his bathroom.

Cementing the idea of #SochiProblems, Quinn tweeted an image of his escape from the lavatory and was retweeted nearly 30,000 times.

As for brands, Visa certainly takes gold for the best use of corporate social media. Every day it has created some of the most shared images, including this ‘aw’ inspiring shot of a young fan, which gained over 10,000 retweets and 15,000 favourites.

Although highly topical and quickly put together, I’m sure the planning behind the campaign started almost as long ago as the athletes’ training did. Almost.

And finally, one of the most entertaining images that I’ve seen has to be from Mashable’s article on why luge is the most unphotogenic of Olympic sports. A childish and selective use of photographs, I’m sure, but still funny as heck!

Do you have any more great Sochi images to share?