21st April 2015

Riding the launch wave to success

Unless you’ve been playing your Spotify playlist too loudly to notice, there is a new musical platform in town that goes by the name of Tidal.

Founded by Jay-Z, who presumably felt not making enough money was one of his 99 problems, the streaming service is backed by other zillionaires including Madonna and Rihanna as a means of allowing ‘art to flourish’.

However, despite the superpower board of Trustees, Tidal has faced scathing criticism since its launch on 30th March when its developers signed a contract live to the internet in what can only be described as the Worst Stationery Relay In History.

So what can we learn from this belly flop of a launch? Here are a few soundbites:

1)   Include your target audience in the experience and avoid anything which might make them feel like a mere spectator to your act

2)   Be honest and realistic about your aims

3)   Consider your key messages carefully

4)   Offer a clear differentiator from your competitors or peers

5)   Be prepared to justify your position

Time will tell if the tide goes out permanently for Tidal or if we decide it is better to line the pockets of these music moguls rather than Spotify or any other service in the name of supporting art. One thing that is for sure is the launch review and evaluation meeting will be a tense one.

By Fiona Mackie, Senior Account Manager (B2B)