13th February 2014

Real-time marketing yar? #royalbaby #sochi2014 #superbowl

By Charley Caines on Thursday February 13, 2014

Since Oreo’s widely praised and frankly, inspired piece of real-time marketing during last year’s Super Bowl blackout, brands have been desperately clambering to hijack social buzz on anything from celebratory events to natural disasters in an attempt to replicate Oreo’s success.  But to what end?

Yes, agency and in-house marketing teams can sit back and revel in their own awesomeness, while praise from their peers trickles in on Twitter, but what was actually achieved – conversions, traffic, brand advocacy? Don’t get me wrong, real time marketing can be amazing when it’s executed well, but it’s important for every brand to consider the relevance to users and not industry peer groups – which is a subculture unto itself. A #RTMBowl hashtag was even set up by marketers during the 2014 Super Bowl to cast either scathing or glowing reviews of brand RTM attempts – “Totes amaze #RTMBowl campaigns happening right now yar.”

But that’s not to say every RTM attempt is missing the point. Doritos’ Twitter competition #VoteTimeMachine was a perfect fit for its demographic. The campaign gave its fans the chance to create their own Doritos ad – to be aired during the Super Bowl, plus a cool one million dollars. Not only did Doritos manage to get users to create its content, but you can guarantee there were more than a few viewers reaching for a bag of the crispy corn snacks to satisfy their munchies during the game.  Behold – brand relevance and a satisfied audience.

So before jumping on the proverbial RTM band wagon: stop. Think, is this really relevant to the brand and its audience? If the answer is yes – then may you go forth and create wondrous campaigns in the here and now.