21st August 2015

On Returning to Tangerine

I recently arrived home from four months of travelling – tired, grubby and poor (but rich in memories).

Once I’d got over the shock of being chilly and actually being able to put toilet paper into the toilet again, I started thinking about what I wanted to do.

At the end of 2014, I left my role as copywriter here at Tangerine and jetted off to explore South, Central and North America. Just before I left, I knew there were lots of meetings taking place to cement the business’ robust digital strategy.

When I arrived back from my travelling experience, all I knew was that I wanted something totally new and challenging. And as it turned out, there was something new and challenging right here at Tangerine.

When I came in to chat to the team and see what they’d been up to, I couldn’t have been more surprised by how much the agency has developed its content strategy in such a short amount of time. I couldn’t wait to come back – and the Tangerines were pleased to see me!


After settling back in for a few weeks, these changes just become more and more clear.

The first thing that’s changed is my role. I’m not a copywriter any more, but a Content Executive. The bulk of my work is still to do with words, however they now live in many more formats on a range of online and offline platforms.

The eclectic mix of tasks I’ve been involved in range from painting a toy car for a video to in-depth SEO and social media analysis and drawing up content planners. It’s no longer acceptable, across the social media world, to rely on words alone – so I’ve been designing visuals to accompany tweets on a daily basis (one of which was just ‘Favourited’ by the Kim Catrall, just sayin’).

The moment I arrived I started hearing people bandying about the words “rich content” and this has not stopped since. To help with the creation of this, Tangerine has expanded its content team to include specialists including videographers and graphic designers. There’s now a dedicated studio space where we can let our creativity fly and make really engaging rich content whenever the urge takes us.

Oh, and there was that one time we nearly drowned.


The ‘bread and butter’ of the agency is still alive and well, of course, and there are still some of the most knowledgeable PR consultants in the business within these walls. However, the focus is now even more on everybody expanding their skill sets, bringing in specialists and truly embracing the digital landscape.

I feel proud to be part of it.

By Helen Gradwell, Consumer Content Executive