26th February 2014

Oasis… Definitely Maybe a tease!

By Hannah Ingram on Wednesday February 26, 2014

The music world was poised for a big announcement this morning, after those pesky Oasis boys (or at least, their marketing team) posted an online teaser last night.

The Facebook account of the band – who famously split in 2009 after the brotherly love between Liam and Noel Gallagher seemed to fizzle out – was populated by a six-second montage video and the text ‘26 Feb, 9am’ last night.

The video received 3,000 comments in under an hour as speculation was rife – would they reform? Was another tour or blow out gig in Heaton Park on the cards?

9am came and went, and sorry to break it to you fellow Oasis fans, the big announcement is that their debut album Definitely Maybe is being re-released to celebrate its 20th anniversary, complete with extra rare and unreleased tracks.

Well I’m #disappointed.

Not only do I feel really old at the thought that the album was released 20 years ago, I was kind of hoping for another night in the rain* at Heaton Park, bouncing around to some serious Manc tunes.

But it’s not to be. It’s an album re-release. Sigh.

However, you have to marvel at the clever teaser. Working in PR, we’re constantly thinking of new, innovative ways to break news to the media and get journalists excited. A short video montage seems so simple but it’s probably had a serious amount of planning behind it.

The Oasis brothers know what it’s like to be talked about, but back in the day, it was literally the grapevine or nothing.

Thanks to social media bringing the said grapevine to life on a mass scale, it’s hashtags at dawn and share, share, share! Respect to the marketing team who’ve jazzed up a potentially mundane re-release into a slice of media hype.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ll just go and reminisce quietly and pretend I’m young again.

*Anyone who’s been to an Oasis gig will know the ‘rain’ I’m talking about.