8th October 2015

National Poetry Day: Ode to The Twitter


As today is #WorldPoetryDay, our Chair, Sandy Lindsay MBE, shares her thoughts on how much she loves The Twitter…


Twitter is the wondrous thing

I turn to for most everything

From plumbers, painters, cleaners too

I holler and, with no ado

You heed my call and bring me peeps

Who salve my worries; aid my sleeps


And when of literature I’m low

I turn to you and shout and lo!

You answer with your best advice

And I Kindle up in ne’er a trice


In business could I cope without

My advisor’s army, true and stout?

Who send me leads and useful bods

To aid my biz against the odds


Who watch and hear and always help

And calm me down whene’er I yelp

Who retweet all info quests

And find me Tangerines – the best!


Apprentices you send our way

And companies where they spend their day

Plus speakers for our bright young things

Thus info which their learning brings



or football scores

Who has died?

Who divorced?

Where can I find a genuine fake?

A Tangerine branded HUGE cupcake?

A hotel for to lay my head?

A restaurant for to break my bread?

A person who I need to find?

Did anyone see my… never mind


How we coped in days of yore

When letters, emails slewed our cure

Let’s hope we never have to care

As The Twitter will be always there


For Twitter is the wondrous thing

I turn to for most everything

And I’ll ne’er forsake my faithful tweeps

(Except when on holiday – ooh just eight more sleeps!) #smileyface