1st June 2015

Meet the team Monday

Introducing our new monthly feature where we get to find out a little more about a Tangerine team member.

First up, is the lovely Hannah Stirling, account manager in the B2B team

Hannah 3

How long have you been at Tangerine?

I’ve been at Tangerine for two and a half years now.

Tell us about your role

I’m an account manager in the B2B team, which means I’m responsible for the day-to-day running of my accounts, ensuring we’re achieving our goals, communicating the correct messages and really adding value to our clients’ businesses. It’s an incredibly varied role and, as clichéd as it may sound, no two days are ever the same.

Now describe it in one word


And what about your life outside of work?

I love anything that involves me being outside – running, cycling, hiking, surfing, even boot camps in the rain. I start to get a bit twitchy if I haven’t done anything for a few days. I also have a Siamese cat called Joey, who I absolutely dote on.

What’s your favourite thing about working in communications?

My favourite thing about working in communications has to be the speed at which things happen. A news story can break and two hours later your client is on the TV or in the press commenting on it, which is amazing. While it can occasionally make your days a bit frantic, I love it – it keeps me motivated.

Hannah 1

You’re being sent to a desert island for client research. Which two fellow Tangerines would you take with you, and why?

I’d take Jen Adams, because she’s always up for a challenge, and Deanna Thomas, for her calm head and grounded way of looking at life. Between the two of them, I’m pretty sure we’d find food and shelter, and I know they’d both come for a run to keep warm if we didn’t!

What three things should a communications professional do every day?

Be aware of the news agenda – I use the time it takes to get ready in the morning to watch BBC Breakfast or listen to Radio 4. This gives me a good idea of what’s going on that day, and what I want to find out more about – usually on the train to work. I spend the first half of my journey reading the news, and the second half reading my book.

Keep your goals in mind – the busy environment can sometimes mean that days run away with you and before you know it, it’s time to go home. Each morning I review what needs to be done for my clients. It allows me to keep a handle on things when a reactive opportunity occurs or time-sensitive news is announced, and make sure that we achieve what we set out to.

Celebrate achievements – as communications professionals we have a tendency to take things that are our bread and butter, like achieving coverage, for granted. I try and keep my friends’ voices in my head: “you got something in a newspaper? That’s amazing!” It IS amazing, we need to remember that.

If you didn’t work in communications, what would you be doing?

I’d be a surf and yoga instructor living on a beach in Bali. Although only if I could take the cat.

Hannah 2