17th February 2017

Making Your Digital Designs Stand Out from the Crowd

Design trends come and go and in the fast-moving digital world it’s vital we reflect on the past and make predictions for the future.

How do we stand out? How do we keep up with the ever-changing platforms as well as the needs of our clients and consumers?

We’ve taken a look at the fresh and exciting design trends 2017 is set to offer.

Bold colours 

Hannah T 1

Pantone named ‘Greenery’ is the colour of the year for 2017. This bold yellow-green has been chosen to represent restoration, new beginnings and hope for the New Year. With increasingly digital lifestyles and wellbeing and health becoming more and more popular, green is set to add an element of freshness and nature to graphic applications.

The way in which we consume information on social and across the internet means if it doesn’t stand out, catch our eye and immediately engage it is lost within a mass of information. Taking inspiration from the 80s, bright primary colours are set to be a vital way brands stand out on social.


Hannah T 2

Keeping it simple. The less is more idea has already been creeping back in with many brands stripping back their logos and referring to more minimalistic designs from the past.

Today consumers want information conveyed in a straightforward way, with clear messages and seamless experiences. New research shows that 62% of consumers are prepared to pay more for a simple experience and 61% will recommend a brand if it has a clear proposition and saves them time.

Geometric Shapes 

Hannah T3

We look back once again with nostalgia to the ‘80s with the return of geometric shapes and patterns.

Geometric shapes are versatile; they can be used as patterns in a decorative way or as elements to make the user journey through websites and apps seamless. One brand that did just this was Microsoft with its Windows 8 flat design, followed closely by Google and its “material design” concept which involved a visual language of shapes and icons.

Dramatic typography & photography

Hannah T4 Hannah T5

Typography should not be underestimated. It can be beautiful. It should be used to make a statement; an impact. The combination of bold typography and photography is a trend that will become more apparent in 2017.

Whether it’s digital or print, attention spans are becoming shorter and the layout and hierarchy of an image is more important than ever. You can create drama through sheer size or through a completely abstract layout, both of which make consumers stop to absorb the message we are conveying.

Custom illustration 

Hannah T6

Illustrative design gives a certain personality and unique look to a brand. It can help to reflect and support the tone of voice through a visual language, giving the consumer a feeling of honesty and authenticity.

The use of custom illustration could suggest a rejection of digital, referring back to craft. It’s becoming increasingly easy for people to create their own content, with platforms such as Instagram allowing everyone to have a shot at being a photographer and Canva allowing anyone to turn their hand to a bit of graphic design and content creation.

That means showing skill, time and effort in design is more important than ever.

By Hannah Thompson, Graphic Designer