24th March 2015

Keeping the Workers Happy

TPR 4 blog Happy at work

Part of my job as copywriter at Tangerine is to read, a lot; daily newspapers, trade magazines, social media, weekend supplements etc. This is so I can remain aware of what’s going on, where it’s going on, who’s involved and what people are saying about it. Occasionally a story comes up that catches my eye, ruminates in my brain for a bit and then ends up as content for this official Tangerine blog.

Last week there were several articles referring to survey results about people’s work lives. A Vouchercloud survey revealed that ‘almost half of workers do not like their colleagues’, while another study listed the top five reasons people quit their jobs. This got me thinking about the procedures the Tangerine team has implemented to make sure staff are happy and creatively stimulated.

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know there is one, so the best way to retain employees is to stay in touch with what they’re thinking. However, every company has a mixture of personalities and some find it harder than others to voice their opinion. Three years ago, Tangerine introduced a Sounding Board made up of employees at various levels. They meet once a month with the company’s founder and chair to discuss and solve a range of issues, both large and small, which have been brought to their attention – sometimes anonymously.

It can be the small things that make a difference to maintaining good esteem, so, as well as having the radio on, a fresh fruit delivery twice a week and access to as much tea and coffee as the average person can drink, Tangerine employees do like to find their own reasons to celebrate pretty much anything; good news, new pitch wins, leaving do’s, promotions etc are all accompanied by cakes, biscuits or sweets. On the day of the recent solar eclipse, someone went out and bought their own bodyweight in Jaffa cakes for everyone and the merest hint of spring brought with it communal boxfuls of hot cross buns.

Other ways Tangerine celebrates include displaying a Proud Board in the communal kitchen. If a colleague has done something especially fabulous, their achievement gets displayed for all to see and every month, one gets rewarded with a bottle of fizz.

Once per quarter all Tangerine staff are invited to have a late Monday start or an early Friday finish. Personally, this little implementation has made a massive difference. This month, it meant I got to see my little girl’s piano recital at school assembly without having to sacrifice half a day’s holiday and next quarter I can set off a couple of hours earlier to celebrate my tenth wedding anniversary weekend.

As well as regular socials, monthly Lunchtime Learning sessions where we get to find out what other teams get up to, and a mentoring system, Tangerine often has creative brainstorming sessions where ‘no idea is a bad idea’ .

Punny Business is a bit of fun that Tangerine employees take VERY SERIOUSLY and it inspires levels of competitiveness rarely seen outside top sporting arenas. Winning is glory enough. A subject is opened to the floor by email each Friday afternoon and we are all given half an hour to impress with our superior word play wit. Previous gauntlets thrown down have been ‘fruit based movies’ and ‘nature meets band names’.

TPR blog 4 Fri bar

Half an hour before the week officially ends, we’re all encouraged to stampede upstairs in an orderly manner for Tangerine’s Friday Bar when we round off a busy week with a bit of ‘internal networking with refreshment.’

So it’s simple really without going deeply into heavy HR issues – happy employees produce consistently good results for contented clients.

The results of Tangerine’s latest bi-annual staff survey seem to confirm this with 96 per cent of staff members reporting that they are proud to work at Tangerine and a further 94 per cent saying they work with people they consider friends.  Group hugs aside when the results of the survey were presented, the rest of the insights were equally positive.  Roll on our next survey for six months’ time when our engagement targets will be even higher!


Tangerine is currently expanding. If you’d like to join our team, take a look at our careers page.

By Deanna Thomas, consumer copy writer