24th January 2014

Justin-toxicated – a cry for help or a ‘pop brat’ pushing his luck?

By Hannah Ingram on Friday January 24, 2014

Oh dear, oh dear. Justin Bieber’s been naughty… again.

He was arrested on Thursday for DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a licence while allegedly drag racing in Miami. Not drag racing any old car, of course – it was a bright yellow Lamborghini.

This kid is 19 and he’s driving a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Before you say anything, I’m not bitter. I’m just slightly aghast at who allowed him to drive such a powerful car, knowing the nature of his recent escapades, which include spitting on his fans – #beliebers if you will – and fighting with paps.

It’s emerged this morning that he doesn’t own the car, he’s simply loaning it for anywhere between $1,500 and $1,800 per day.

I can’t help feeling all this just enhances his ‘pop brat’ status which he acquired last year. It makes you wonder who’s advising this teen sensation…

We can only speculate but ‘sources close to the star’ suggest his management is said to have lost patience with him, after advising he visits a psychotherapist, such is his refusal to check into rehab.

Oh deary me. Is this the sad case of another child star who found fame far too quickly and now can’t handle it, or is it something more sinister? Is he an uber famous pop star who’s loving every minute of the press attention and just took it one step too far?

Well, judging from his mugshot, he looks quite happy with himself:

I’m not sure who advised him that it’d be a good idea to smile in an orange jumpsuit, but it’s definitely not the best idea I’ve heard today.

It’s all well and good putting a brave face on it, but if rumours are to be beliebed (sorry), he cried his eyes out in his cell afterwards.

It sounds like his management team has a real issue on its hands, especially when you look at his court appearance.

He goes from cocky…

…to ‘lost little boy’…

…all in a matter of moments.

We’ve seen various child/teen stars take the one-way drag race from virtually unknown to worldwide fame, and it usually ends in a dish called Miley Cyrus.

Seeing evidence that Bieber and Cyrus are on the same wavelength makes me think this can only be a recipe for disaster…

I think this poor chap needs a serious intervention. Soon, parents will stop buying his merchandise for their kids, as they don’t want them to turn out like their idol, and then the beginnings of a perception shift might be too much for him and his angel wings to recover from.

Trying to go from pop Prince to wannabe bad ass is not an easy transition. If you want to be gangster, you have to go hard from the start.

Because let’s face it, who would mess with Lil’ Wayne?

I suggest Bieber takes a long hard look at his life, all 19 years of it, and decides exactly what he wants to do. If it’s a gangster re-launch, so be it.

Just make sure you draw up a proper PR plan for it, ok?