30th January 2014

Is Joey Essex a reem PR dream?

By Danielle Manning on Thursday January 30, 2014

I think there could be more to Joey Essex than meets the eye.

Don’t get me wrong. I am equally dazzled by his absurd ‘Joeyisms’ as I am by his bright white gnashers. Should teenagers really be looking up to a 23-year-old man who prides himself on not being able to tell the time, is incapable of blowing his nose and believes a square has six sides? I think not.

But hear me out. Joey rose to fame on The Only Way is Essex in 2011 after being introduced as a ‘supporting cast member’… sorry, real-life person (TOWIE is real, obv). Viewers fell in love with his ditzy ways – “Who’s the prime minister of Essex?” and “I know who Richard and Judy are, they created the world” are particularly special gems.

After his first steps into showbiz stardom with the programme that shockingly beat Downton Abbey and Sherlock to take home a BAFTA in 2011, the Joey Essex brand was well and truly born. Before the British public knew it, he was gracing our television screens on the bee’s knees of all reality TV shows, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’.

Now Mr Essex is a bona fide household name and has even been chosen to front the latest Pizza Express PR campaign to celebrate the 45th birthday of its famous Dough Balls. After painting him in gold and renaming him ‘Doughy’ Essex (see what they did there) the campaign will see one lucky diner winning a Dough Ball covered in edible gold, which can then be exchanged for a solid 18-carat gold version.

Impressively, Joey Essex has created a lucrative brand thanks to various partnerships, including his own ranges of hair care, perfume and clothing, together with his personal appearances up and down the country and TV deals.

‘What are YOU saying?’ we hear Joey cry, as is his catch phrase. Well, Joey, I’d say that you are laughing all the way to the bank… albeit in a Range Rover so white it gives your teeth a run for their money. Let’s just hope he learns to tell the time before he lands a watch sponsorship deal.