11th February 2014

How to get out of your #neknomination (and do something positive instead)

By Helen Gradwell on Tuesday February 11, 2014

So, it’s happened.

You’ve just watched a grainy video on Facebook of your mate downing a pint of lager, mixed with wine, possibly with a goldfish in. And you’re next.

Yes, you’ve been #neknominated.

But what if you don’t want to drink a foul concoction of liquids which have never been mixed together before – and for good reason? What if you recognise the very real dangers of downing huge quantities of alcohol at once? What if you quite like your goldfish (and understand that swallowing the poor thing is cruel and illegal)?

Well, you could turn a senseless and, sadly, potentially deadly craze into something positive. Here’s how folks around the interwebs have already been doing just that.


Don’t #neknominate… #RAKnominate!

This is a movement which is already gaining some serious traction.

A #RAKnomination is a Random Act of Kindness nomination. As far as I can tell, the first notable example of this happening was a man in South Africa using his #neknomination to give lunch to a homeless man and nominating friends to do the same.

Since then, others have begun to catch on. For example, the Student Network started off the #RAKnomination craze in Dublin by giving packed lunches and ready meals to poor people all over the city.

School of Communication Arts students have also used the craze to encourage people to donate a pint of blood to NHS Give Blood, which could save somebody else’s life.

So, through the power of #RAKnominations, you can turn down your #neknomination without looking ‘soft’, do something good and encourage others to do the same.

I’ll drink to that.