20th March 2017

Heroes and Hilarity – the Humbling Experience of Working with Comic Relief

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be working with a major charity, one that raises tens of millions for deserving projects across the world every year, I’d have said you were mad.

It was during my first week at Tangerine in January that I was told I’d be working with Comic Relief – and you can quite imagine my face. Red Nose Day 2017, what a brilliant cause to get involved with at a professional level!

Since starting my career in communications, I have always wanted to work on charity PR – I even considered it as a specialism – but to be given the chance to work with such a giant in the sector is an opportunity I’m still wrapping my head around.

We’re half way through the campaign now and the team is working hard to showcase the brilliant projects Comic Relief supports across the North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands, East Yorkshire and Humberside. As we’re ramping up for Red Nose Day on March 24th, we’re working closely with businesses and schools to get them involved with fundraising and it’s just fantastic to be a part of something that makes such a huge difference to so many.

Back in my school years when I was still deciding what I wanted to do with my education, I always knew one thing – I wanted to make a difference. Through working with Comic Relief and driving fundraising, this is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting involved in.

Speaking to those who are on the ground, running projects to support people in need – people who are homeless, unwell, lonely, and in need – they’re real life heroes, and I’ve found it quite a humbling experience. To be able to then get these projects and people the media time to shout about what they do, and why it’s so important that people donate, makes the hard work so very worth it.

This year Comic Relief is going back to its roots, and focusing on the funny. The Tangerine team is in the process of getting people to make their laugh matter for Red Nose Day; fundraising and spreading laughter at the same time.  So now all of my family and friends are well and truly sick of me taking pictures of them with their red noses, but I’m excited to see every red nose and having more people tell me their fundraising plans.

Keep your eyes peeled for some truly hilarious happenings over the next few weeks, there might just be a Tangerine with a red nose on behind it…

For lots of fun and creative ideas on how you can fundraise for Red Nose Day 2017, visit www.rednoseday.com.

By Jess Ramsey, Senior Consumer Account Executive