31st January 2017

Giving out food cheats with Iceland

An ongoing project we’ve been working on with our (cough, award-winning!) client Iceland is a series of ‘Cheat Sheets’.

The idea of a cheat sheet is to give people all the information they need to know to prepare food to impress guests at a glance.

So far we’ve worked with Iceland to create Cheat Sheets for occasions, such as Christmas parties and Chinese New Year, and products – like its Luxury Meat and Fish range.

The helpful tips and information in the Cheat Sheets makes them highly shareable, as customers spread the information needed to help take their parties or dinners to the next level.

Cheat Sheets were created to be the size of a phone screen with all the information viewable on a small screen, as most social media users now browse on mobile. The Cheat Sheets were also hosted on the Iceland blog, an ideal platform for informative and aspirational food content.

Iceland has also passed the Cheat Sheets to its stores to help team members advise customers on new ranges and events.

On Facebook, the sheets reached 187,387 people and garnered 338 likes, 100% organically.

By Nat Chatburn, Consumer Account Director